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  towards the unknown  

[ pt.1 ]


he was walking through the desperate snowfall. in his search for a better life it became bitter insted. and he was not to find what he has been looking for, as it was his fate.

but he hasn't got used to such a fate. that's why he went away from the common world order into the snowfall towards the moon, devoting himself to such a strange quest.

as his coat became white of snow, his soul darkened in opposite, with bitter disapointment and cynics. everybody in the places left behind his dark back knew him as he always made laugh of people's imperfection which he was able to notice easily.

noone has ever wanted to join him in his quest as neither anybody needed him nor he needed anybody. but deeper into the snow - more clearly he became to realize that he has been wrong in some things. but it was too late to turn back. too late.

and he was moving through the silent snow, searching for a place where he can feel himself happy a little.

[ to be continued... ]

Tags: arts, thoughts
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