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part 2

  towards the unknown  

[ pt.2 ]


in his travel thought the snow, many people wondered who he was and where he was heading to. but none dared to ask as only anger was in his eyes.

his tears withered as he was betrayd three times. along with chesus, he always joke cynically. three times he thought he has finally found the one to trust. and either times he was wrong. that is why he no longer accepts anyone with him.

as of proud heart, he hides his loneliness and fears behind cynics, evil laugh and anger, for to refuse any attempt to become close to somebody. his heart has already been hurt with a chainsaw of care and it would take a long time for it to restore. if it ever to be restored.

but why is his quest? why he just doesn't want to be as ordinary as other peolpe are?

the reason is that he is tired to be good without any return. to do good knowing that there will be indifference and ignorance in answer. he couldn't cope with it so he turned his back to all that shit and left to find a place where he will receive good back as he give it.

but he never says it aloud. few people can understand his reasons and he hasn't met any of them yet. exept one which he made himself to forget.

maybe he run away from it. he understands that it is impossible, but he goes ang goes on running...

[ to be continued ... ]
Tags: arts, thoughts
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