July 19th, 2005


towards the unknown, epos, pt.3

  towards the unknown  

[ pt.3 ]


he is restless at any place. even now, when he made a short stop in a small quiet place in the middle of nowhere, he feels uncomfortable.

it is not the people here which don't understand him or don't really want to. it is either not the craft he earns living with. or it is not the lack of anything familliar.

it is just a feeling that he does not belong here, to this calm and plain life. in the evenings, sitting at the fireplace with a tankard of grog, he is always taken back by his dreams. to the very beginning of his searches for a better life. he grinningly calls it "better life and all that stuff". theese were the good days, but nothing stands still.

and when he awakes, the fireplace is nearly dead, but it is not the cold that hurts him.

[ still to be continued... ]

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